Our new exciting identity

Welcome to our new exciting identity

Published 2019-11-11 by APTIM-Solutions

Welcome to our new identity, including a new website and client portal. bringing our visual identity in line with our philosophy. What does APTIM mean? APTIM stands for “Advancing Performance Through Input Management” and our goal is to support, guide and challenge you to optimise and sustain enterprise value growth through good strategy, delivery, and execution.

It is a modern, confident statement about our future and direction, typified by our logo which brings together the key elements of our approach.

At the core we believe there needs to be an absolute focus on managing inputs (the independent variables) rather than the results. The orbiting nodes are our keystones and crucial elements in our approach. (dependent variables).

The marriage of our ‘real world’ experience in managing successful change with data analytics, including predictive modelling and machine learning, which we call “thinking technology”, is encapsulated in our logo in the form of a neural network.

Our strong colour scheme signifies the trust you can place in us to apply logic and balance effectively; to be your trusted partner. All reflected in our choice of a balanced and geometric font, Nunito.