Our subscription platform helps you navigate through the uncertainty of a disruptive future by providing valuable insight and intelligence.

Whether you are involved in strategy and execution, research and analysis, have day-to-day ownership of operations, supply chain or commercial matters, our platform has the tools to help

  • insightful summaries of 40+ primary disruptive forces; researched, tracked, analysed, and synthesised by our team regularly
  • source information and data on a daily basis from over 35,000 sources including news, governments, statistics agencies, academia, patent offices, and specific domains
  • ai-enabled intelligence platform that does the heavy-lifting to sift & synthesise the millions of data points available
  • organise your information into a number of flexible views that help make sense of the world efficiently and effectively
  • interrogate with our proprietary tools that allow you to focus on what is important
  • share and collaborate across the platform to make the most of the insights you've identified

Primary Disruptive Forces

Do you know what you don't know about the future?

We continuously monitor and research over 45, and growing, forces across 6 strategic dimensions (political, economic, social, technology, environment and demographics) so that you can gain insights into what a disruptive future may look like.

More important than just identifying what a disruptive future may look like though, is being able to start to identify the impact it could have on your organisation.


Are you able to sift through thousands of pieces of content and easily gain insights?

The bedrock of our intelligence platform, Bloodhound, helps you identify trends and emerging topics across subjects that you are interested in - be they related to strategy, competitors, suppliers, customers or just general.

Powered by our proprietary machine learning algorithms, Bloodhound is there to help you generate even more insights from the millions of data points out there.

Disruptive Readiness Index

Do you know how ready you and your organisation are for a disruptive future?

Our Disruptive Readiness Index will allow you to compare over time, across industries and across functions within your organisation your preparedness. Be that mindset, culture, architecture or processes.

Disruptive Insights Forcefield

Do you understand how the combination of forces is going to impact your future?

Understanding what a disruptive future may look like through Primary Forces and assessing your preparedness for it, our Disruptive Insights Forcefield allows you understand the intersections, be they collisions, mergers, or fleeting companions to identify the movements that could have a major impact on your organisation.

So What Radar

Do you ask yourself so what?

Knowledge in and of itself is of no use unless it can be acted upon. Taking the output from the forcefield analysis the fundamental question, so what?, is then asked.

This is a means of better understanding complexity, consequences and movements between the disruptive future and the here and now. This process and questioning is phased into several timeframes, allowing for a deeper understanding of what needs to be achieved and by when.

Input Management Framework

Do you know what the truly impactful inputs are to your disruptive future?

This is a means of framing your answers to so what into a meaningful plan that identifies the key inputs and intensities that are time phased. Helping you to deliver on the immediate challenge of optimising the here & now; while at the same time embarking on the journey to a disruptive future.

Critical Controls Dashboard

Do you know how you are going to control those impactful inputs?

Once the input management framework is established, we help develop your dashboards. Our philosophy is based on ensuring that the ownership, responsibility and accountability is held at the lowest appropriate level; and that early warning systems identify when input performance deviates. This helps ensure teams and individuals intervene early and decisively to make sure the outputs remain on track.

Predictive Value Model

Do you have an idea on the impact on enterprise value that your inputs could, and are, having?

Tailored to you, the model provides a valuable insight into the impact on your enterprise value of controlling your inputs.

We help build a data driven scenario planning tool that takes account of the critical inputs across the key phases of the IMF. This is interfaced into the critical control dashboard to provide a traffic light view of how you are performing.

Case Studies

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