Fundamental concepts.

Good Strategy

Is the identification of an emerging disruptive opportunity and/or threat and formulating an innovative solution. Then focusing and concentrating actions and fundamental resource to breakthrough and successfully exploit the situation. Clearly there is so much more behind this statement, for instance:

  • Developing the informed insight and phased objectives in the first place
  • The ability to strengthen and leverage (or relatively quickly develop) a core competence, layering in protection
  • Bringing relative strength to bear against relative weakness, both internally and externally
  • Focusing those key strengths and energetically applying them to 1-2 promising opportunities
  • Having a prioritised phased action plan where each phase builds upon and leverages on what has gone before
  • Optimise the here & now
Strategic Core Competence

At its simplest, we see core competence as a deep meaningful capability, fundamental to the business and which can be leveraged to deliver a significant and sustainable competitive advantage. It should be extremely difficult for a competitor to acquire or copy. Part of our assessment of the business's inputs considers how they impact a company's core strategic competence and not just its short-term performance.

Input Management

Consider the human body, in order to develop and grow into adulthood we need a plethora of inputs, some hard, for instance food and water, and some soft such as life experiences and cultural habits. These inputs have varying degrees of emphasis over time. A business is no different, it is a living breathing entity and we at APTIM-Solutions focus on those key inputs that are critical to control in the short run as well as fundamentally influencing the ability of a business to grow successfully. We then provide the framework and tools to manage these.

Regenerative Growth

Restructuring without regard for future growth is just a simple form of corporate anorexia, it makes you thinner but not any healthier. Regeneration, on the other hand, holds out hope but does not ignore the potential need for pruning alongside a good dose of fertiliser.

Our aim is to help you to deliver and grow enterprise value, by ensuring the organisation has been disruptive enough and considered 3 distinct growth phases. Firstly, focusing on the effectiveness of the 'here and now' secondly, considering the near-term building of new growth and then finally the truly disruptive future, emerging growth.