Our approach delivers results.

Project Approach

Having been involved ourselves in projects, we know only too well the level of disruption that they can cause.

We take a 'hothouse' approach with typically 2 experienced professionals, supported by our leading-edge analytics, aiming to complete the project in 6 weeks.

Throughout the project we transfer skills and knowledge to your team and continue to support you for 12 months with quarterly performance reviews.

Project Framework

Working with the leadership and wider teams and using our expertise and leading edge analytics we build a view of the disruptive future and a clear understanding of the current position. We then review the marriage between the organisation's core competence and strategy highlighting where it can be optimised and leveraged. Having identified the strategic phases and current positioning, we map the business's inputs and intensities to the strategic phases, prioritising the optimisation of the here & now.

From this we support the building of a management framework, critical control points, cultural cues and intelligence platform as well as the practical tools and dashboards to meet the needs of the organisation.

Project Phases