Grounded in the real world.

We founded APTIM-Solutions to challenge traditional consulting approaches. We genuinely want to challenge, energise, excite and be a trusted partner; an integral tool in a client’s armoury.

We are proven leaders and executives that have led businesses. Our real-life experiences and expertise span innovative growth and turnaround enterprises in both industrial and service sectors.

Many organisations get disrupted not by doing the wrong thing but by doing a lot of things right. They are often led by competent strategists, are relentlessly focussed on the current competitive environment and the delivery of continuous improvement. However, this intense focus on the immediate sows the seeds of their disruption. Our approach is based on 6 fundamentals:

Disruptive Future

If you don’t have a strategy in place for a disruptive future, you can be sure someone else will. We help you to identify what this future may look like.

Here & Now

Today’s challenges cannot be ignored. A framework should be in place that allows you to optimise the here & now as well as execute on your new and emerging disruptive growth.

Speed of Change

Disruption is accelerating at an ever-faster pace. It's essential to develop an input management framework and architecture supported by analytical models and control systems. This should empower individuals and teams to make early proactive interventions to drive the organisation forwards.


Innovation is key to growth. Often challengers are no more efficient than current market leaders. But they differ in several respects, they are unorthodox, are good at identifying opportunities and don’t allow weeds to flourish and suffocate growth.

Execution & Control

Great execution is critical for any good strategy to succeed. It is essential that a plan be phased, consider risk, be prioritised and have an intense focus on managing inputs.


An intelligence platform is essential to maintaining successful growth. Helping to protect against threats as well as identify new disruptive growth opportunities.